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Our Gym Equipment

Never settle for gyms that offer a limited range of equipment. At Cave Athletics, you have access to a broad array of workout gear that matches your level of fitness. Furthermore, we are the only gym in Delta, BC that offers the Torque TANK.

What Is the Torque TANK?

This equipment is a bi-directional power sled on wheels that utilizes a revolutionary resistance drive system. The Torque TANK’s unique features allow it to enhance functional training for quickness, endurance, and explosive launching power.

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Brands We Carry

Exercising using substandard equipment can lead to unsatisfactory results and, in some cases, injury. For your peace of mind, we sourced our equipment from some of the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.

Equipment List:

  • Hoist Fitness
    • Hoist Fitness HD functional trainer
    • Hoist Fitness CMJ 6 station: cable cross, lat, row, tri
    • Hoist Fitness MiSmith dual action smith
    • Hoist Fitness ROC-IT prone leg curl
    • Hoist Fitness ROC-IT seated leg curl
    • Hoist Fitness ROC-IT leg extension
    • Hoist Fitness ROC-IT lateral raise
    • Hoist Fitness HD leg press
    • Hoist Fitness HD fly/rear delt
    • Hoist Fitness ROC-IT plate-loaded lat pull
    • Hoist Fitness ROC-IT plate-loaded row
    • Hoist Fitness ROC-IT plate-loaded chest press
    • Hoist Fitness ROC-IT plate-loaded incline chest
    • Hoist Fitness ROC-IT plate-loaded decline chest
    • Hoist Fitness ROC-IT plate-loaded abdominal
    • Hoist Fitness ROC-IT plate-loaded shoulder press
    • Hoist Fitness ROC-IT plate-loaded dual action leg press
    • Hoist Fitness CF plate-loaded leg press
    • Hoist Fitness CF seven-degree smith press
    • Hoist Fitness CF power cage
    • Hoist Fitness CF two-tier horizontal dumbbell racks
    • Hoist Fitness CF barbell rack
    • Hoist Fitness CF flat/incline benches
    • Hoist CF flat benches
  • Precor
    • Precor 956i treadmills
    • Precor 835 recumbent bikes
    • Precor half racks
    • Precor half rack lifting platforms (1.5 in., 6x8)
  • FDT
    • FDT urethane dumbbells (5 lb. to 100 lb.)
    • FDT competition bumper plates
      (12 x 45 lb., 4 x 35 lb., 4 x 25 lb.)
    • FDT rubber Olympic plates (45 lb.)
    • FDT rubber Olympic plates (35 lb., 25 lb., 10 lb., 5 lb.)
    • FDT tricep ropes
    • FDT EZ curl bars
    • FDT single rope attachments
    • FDT V tricep bars
    • FDT CF Olympic bars (7 ft.)
  • Other Manufacturers:
    • UMAX EZ curl barbells (10 lb. to 110 lb.)
    • Cybex 525 Total Body Arc cross trainers
    • Keiser M3i spin bikes
    • StairMaster G8 Gauntlet StepMill

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